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NTPort Library enables your Win32 application to real-time direct access to PC I/O ports without using the Windows Drivers Development Kit(DDK) - NTPort Library provides support for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista (x86/x64 edition). NTPort Library is easy to use. Under Windows NT, NTPort Library driver can be load and unload dynamically, so you need not any configuration. NTPort Library is also an ideal replacement of old BASIC INP or OUT statement. The tool also supports getting the base address of LPT ports. Visual Basic(VB), Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, Visual C+, Delphi, Delphi for .NET, Borland C++ Builder, C#Builder, JBuilder, Eclipse and PowerBASIC samples are included. Matlab, Borland C++, Visual Fortran, Visual J++, FreeBASIC, ActiveTCL(TCL/TK), InstallShield and Setup Factory samples are available for download. You need administrative right to install this product. After installation, any users can use this product. This version supports both administrator and non-administrator accounts.

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